J. Harold Lowry and Key Lime Floats

I friended J. Harold on Facebook after reading his book almost two years ago. We stayed in touch via the internet for many months and then he disappeared.  Through the Coconut Telegraph I heard that he had cancer and was receiving treatment. He was given three  months to live.  Recently he reappeared on Facebook and reached out to his friends, asking to meet in person. Several events were arranged around SW Florida and they were all a huge success. He shook hands, hugged, smiled, got his picture taken, signed books and sold books. It was really uplifting to see folks show their appreciation and celebrate his life. He is in his fourth month now since the doctors told him he had three. Previously him and his wife had “Quit Their Jobs and Lived On A Boat”, just like I’m doing. I got to sit and talk with him and came away feeling good about knowing him.

His novel first caught my eye when I was on a Key West phase. I was reading anything and everything that had to do with the Keys. Most of them were thrillers or adventure stories.  Key Lime Floats was different. There are no evil bad guys or drug cartels. No cops and robbers, no explosions or gunfights. Instead it’s a warming tale of a young man coming of age on The Rock.


From the book jacket:  Based on actual events,  “Key Lime Floats” is the humorous tale of Boner Morgan.
A naive young man  growing up in Key West Florida.

Boner, a good hearted young man, has never been exposed to life on the
Mainland.In fact he has never been out of the Florida Keys, until now.

His funny adventures will take you from Key West,  to a university in
Columbus Ohio where he encounters the ever calculating Sorority girls,
seeking their husbands.

Follow his funny exploits as he discovers life outside of the Keys. Laugh at his hilarious encounters with the police, a scheming mother, Napa Valley Wine tasting, Bikers and TSA Pat Downs.

Read about the funnier side of life, through Boner’s eyes.


My experience with the book:  At first I didn’t get the writing style. One of his reviewers didn’t understand either. But as I read on I realized what the author was doing. the characters live a simple life, bred from a simpler time. They don’t talk in pretty language. They don’t care much for adjectives and adverbs. Their world is straightforward and to the point. The author wanted you to see the story from their point of view, and uses his no nonsense writing style to further the point. This isn’t Shakespeare, or even Hemingway, but it is poignant and worth the read.

If you are looking for something lighter to read, without all the politics or tension of most of today’s novels, I recommend you click the link and get your paperback or Kindle version today.


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