Giving Value

I didn’t write a book to gain fortune or fame. I had no dreams of making the NY Times best seller list. I wrote a book because I was happy! I was happy not through some quirk of fate, luck or serendipitous circumstance. I was happy because I made a plan, took steps to achieve my goal, and executed the plan. I knew exactly how I got here and I figured I had enough ability to share my experience with others. 

  Now I had no delusions that everyone who read the book would suddenly start planning to quit their job and live on a boat. That’s not the point at all. My aim was to show others, through my experiences, that there are more choices in life then what is generally pushed on us by society. My story is a “Path Less Traveled” one.  It’s coloring outside the lines, blazing your own trail. 

  Kim and I reinvented ourselves at an age when most feel they have no choice but to continue doing what they’ve always done.  We stepped off the hamster wheel and on to a white sandy beach. I thought maybe, just maybe, I might inspire others to reconsider their position in the rat race.

  Now that the book has been out almost two months and sold moderately well, I’m starting to hear from readers.  Scores of people have messaged me or posted to my Facebook page.  I’m receiving thanks for the inspiration. I’m hearing how my book affected someone’s life in a positive way.  Folks who have no desire to live on a boat are telling me they are beginning to take steps to simplify their life. Some have dreams of doing what Kim and I did.  They think maybe it’s not just a dream anymore. 

  I wrote at the end of my book, that this was my purpose. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to realize that the purpose has been achieved.  I hoped to provide some value.  Having readers confirm that they’ve been influenced or inspired by my story has given me great value in return. If you read the book you know that money isn’t high on my list of priorities.  Having readers thank me, and tell me that I’ve inspired them is worth more than all the money Amazon may send me in the future. 

  Thanks to everyone who has reached out to communicate with me. It makes my day every time.  

4 thoughts on “Giving Value

  1. Iain Cairns

    I did just this a few years ago, however it all went south when my ex-wife said after one year that she has had enough {we were on a 45 foot Wharram catamaran SV} she needed her STUFF back. I have started building with my new partner a 51 foot Wharram catamaran.
    I have bought ur book for added insperation. & DUDE is it gud. I want to be back were u are now. Thanx for the gud work on the BOOK !!!!!
    Iain & Cherry Mae

  2. sherrie

    Thank you for the inspiration! I read your book yesterday, My husband will read it tomorrow…We have talked about living on a boat for several years now…..I’m tired of the day to day and all the stuff that goes along with it…I’m 55 years old…I have had enough…


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