Debt Free Equals Freedom

  Three years ago we quit our jobs and moved on to a boat. We we not wealthy, not retired, not financial wizards with passive income streams. We simply got out of debt, saved up a bunch of cash, and chucked it all to run away to paradise. 

  Can it be that easy? Actually no, there was nothing easy about it. It took determination and a certain amount of sacrifice. It was a simple plan though, which I will outline here, briefly.


-Quit Buying Stuff-

That’s right just quit buying crap. We buy so much crap. We waste so much money on so many things. Starbucks, meals out, Longabergers, and toys of every variety. Just stop it. Has it brought you happiness? I doubt it. Our rule is this; if we can’t eat it, drink it, or wipe our ass with it we ain’t buying. Get rid of magazine subscriptions, stop getting manicures, quit going to the movies, etc. It’s all huge drain on your finances. 

-Get Out Of Debt-

Quit buying stuff and you’ll have some extra dough. Use it to pay off debt. Sell your toys and use that money to pay off debt. Boats, motorcycles, campers, four-wheelers, etc. Get rid of them. Sell, sell, sell. 

Pay off one debt, use the extra money you now have and apply it to the next debt. Pay off your car loan and DON’T BUY A NEW ONE. Use the money you once paid for the car loan to pay off credit cards. We all know we shouldn’t have so much debt. We just refuse to buckle down and take care of it. You want freedom? Eliminate debt. 


-Save Money-

Once you quit buying shit, and pay off your debt, you will find that you have plenty of money. Save it. Save it all. Watch the savings grow and rejoice in it. Find more and creative ways to save. Cut back the thermostat. Clip coupons. Buy store brands. Shop your car insurance. Tons of ways to save money once you get serious about it. 


-Get Rid Of Your Stuff-

What? That’s right, you have too much crap. You can’t park your car in the garage because it’s too full of your junk. The attic is full, the basement is full. You rented a storage space to handle the overflow. You are a slave to your possessions. You can never be free. Get rid of them. Downsize. Eliminate the clutter. Yard sales, Goodwill donations, craiglist ads, whatever it takes to lighten the load. You will feel much lighter without the weight of all the stuff. 

  We got rid of everything. I mean all of it. We left our home and moved on to a boat and sailed off into the sunset. Can’t do that with a full garage, attic and basement. We gave up everything, and now we have it all. This was just the short version of how we did it. The full story is in the book. 

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