Holiday Musings

It’s sunny and 80 degrees here in Punta Gorda today. I am loving the weather but totally lacking in Christmas spirit. I hope I never see snow again. I’ll have to settle for white sand, blue water and cloud-proof skies. Palm trees are swaying in a light east breeze. The boat has been cleaned up and is sporting a wreath on her bow. Fellow liveaboards are planning a Christmas dinner. 

Out in the harbor my buddy Jaime is resting on his sailboat Bay Dreamer. Soon he will be off to Orlando to begin radiation treatments. His health weighs heavy on our minds. Send up a little prayer for him please. 


I’m a bit stuck with the next book, “Poop, Booze, and Bikinis”. My attempts to get famous and/or semi-famous authors to contribute are not succeeding. Here in the marina there are so many distractions that I’ve found it difficult to concentrate on writing. It’s almost halfway finished. After Christmas I intend to sit down and get serious about it’s completion.


Meanwhile I’m basking in the sun, considering some boat projects to work on, and happily wasting my days with the lovely Miss Kim. I am so very blessed this Christmas, even though no presents will be exchanged. I won’t be fighting any crowds in the mall. I won’t be buying useless gifts for people I don’t even really care about. And I won’t be paying off credit card debt for the next year. 

This life may not be for everyone, but sure does suit me. Wherever you are this Christmas, and however you plan to spend it, I hope it is rewarding and joyful for you and yours. Merry Christmas from Leap of Faith, the lovely Miss Kim, and me. Enjoy! 


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