Top Ten Internet Radio Stations (That Aren’t

I don’t dislike Radio Margaritaville, it’s Jimmy Buffett. What’s not to like. It is however, very Buffett-centric. Plays Jimmy all the time. This list is for stations that play and promote the music I love, that you may not have heard. I’m talking about Trop Rock. There is a whole sub-genre out there that is being enjoyed by millions of island dreamers. These stations play that kind of music.

Number 10: Permanent Vacation Radio


Songs for the Virtual Lido Deck 24/7

Number 9:  Boat Drink Radio






Number 8:

The Shore Radio


Number 7:

Island Dreamz Radio


Number 6: Radio Trop Rock


Number 5: Aloha Joe

Not really Trop Rock, but a great Hawaiian music station.


Number 4: Island Time Radio


Number 3:  Conch Republic Radio

Great Key West Station


Number Two:  Songwriters Island Radio

Live broadcasts from all the great Florida venues sets this station apart.

Sam and Gina Densler also host a monthly live concert in beautiful Punta Gorda at Gilchrest Park.

These have been truly special events.


Number 1:  Beachfront Radio

Your home for the best Independent Trop Rock Artists along with your favorite rock and country hits plus a great line up of radio shows featuring your favorite Trop Rock artists! Your Island Escape starts right HERE!


Add all of them to your favorites on your PC, laptop or Ipad. Like their Facebook pages for all the latest updates and coming events.

Listen to the island songs play and plan your escape!

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Internet Radio Stations (That Aren’t

  1. Tom

    Dear Ed,
    thanks for supplying this list. Really like the alternatives you’ve listed. Some of the links are broken by now, since this dates back some time.
    Thanks and island greetings from Berlin, Tom


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