Best Facebook Pages To Warm You Up

As most of the United States suffer from extreme cold, here’s a way to feel a bit warmer. Spend some time on Facebook perusing these pages full of sunsets, beaches, islands, and resorts. Clicking “Like” on these high quality pages will go a long way towards warding off that dreaded Polar Vortex. 


In no particular order, some of my favorite Facebook pages to warm you up:


Island Sunrises and Sunsets


Great photography from Amelia Island, Florida



Key West In Your Face


A wide variety of upbeat, sunny pics from Key West





Stunning photos from around the world



Walking On Sunshine With Flip Flops on and Drinking Sweet Tea


 A place to kick off your flip flops, relax, dream and enjoy the simple things in life



The Florida Keys and Key West



Everything that’s happening in the Florida Keys




Peace of the Beach


Awesome beach memes



Down By The Sea


Beach photos and memes



Sunny Ocean Waves Beach Surf Adventure


Everything Beach



Beach Cottage Life


Professional photos and posters 



Islands Magazine


Stunning photos from tropical resorts



Fort Myers Beach Florida


This page will convince you to move to SW Florida




And finally, my own page full of sunsets and sunny places.


This page will make you want to quit your job and live on a boat!

You can purchase the book at in paperback or Kindle versions.





5 thoughts on “Best Facebook Pages To Warm You Up

  1. Daniel Thier

    My wife started her FB page Sunny Ocean Waves Beach Surf Adventure, simplify because she loves everything about the beach! You should have seen her face when she found out she made this list! Mahalo!


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