The Latest News from me and Jamie Brown

I have completed the manuscript for book number two, Poop, Booze, and Bikinis. I have some light proof reading to do and then off to a real editor to fix my typos. In this digital age it should be ready in just a few weeks. My first book, Leap of Faith/Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat, had a real message that touched a lot of people. 

This next book does not!  Nope, it’s just plain fun. I tried to inject some humor into every day boating situations. I get to experience the nautical life every day and I thought some of my observations might make you laugh. 

On another front, my best bud Jamie Brown is about halfway through his six week radiation treatments. He’s looking pretty good and doing well. The only side effect seems to be serious fatigue, so far. We are all pulling for him, praying for him and looking forward to his full recovery.

For those who don’t know him, this is his sixth or seventh go-round with surgery for brain tumors. Kemo, radiation, etc. all over again, and again, and again. He lives aboard his sailboat full-time and makes the most of every moment when he’s not in a hospital. He is a unique individual and really has a story to tell about surviving cancer. 

To that end, I’m announcing my next project. I will be writing Jaime’s story. I’m deeply honored and touched that he has the confidence in me to express his thoughts and memories. His goal is for his story to help others in some way. That’s the kind of guy he is. 

Sometimes people meet and become friends for a reason. He’s been my closest confidant for the past three years. I mention him (not by name) in both of my books so far. We sat and had a long, very personal talk this past Friday night, over beers of course. He seems enthusiastic about helping me put his story to words. I don’t know how long it will take. We will start when he completes his current treatment. I’ve begun some research into his previous treatments and the type of cancer he’s dealing with. Some of what I’ve learned blows my mind. You’ll be surprised to find out some things. Experimental treatments, FDA battles with his doctor, more bullshit with his insurance company, etc. (He’s losing his coverage February 1). 

If the media ever got wind of all he’s been through, his case would be a famous one. That’s not what he wants. He wants to say his piece, in his own way without being bothered or harassed by anyone. 

That’s also the kind of guy he is. Wish us luck as we work together to bring this very important story to light. I am dusting off my old journalism skills right now. This will be a challenge for me, but nothing like the challenges Jaime has faced and continues to face every day. 



Jamie Brown with one his many friends Grace Swinford. 



Leap of Faith / Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat is available at in both paperback

and Kindle versions.


Look for Poop, Booze and Bikinis in early 2014



1 thought on “The Latest News from me and Jamie Brown

  1. Marny Hann

    Ed, you and Jaime are a great team. From his voice to your page this is truly an amazing endeavor and I believe you are both up to the challenge. His story needs to be told. He has shared it with his friends. He shared it with us the first day we met him on the little sand spit in Pelican Bay a few years ago. He just sat down next to us and told us his story. Not to gain any sympathy for himself because he doesn’t want that. He just wanted us to know who he was and at the time his dream of living full time on his boat. He still had his house at that time but he made a plan, sold the house and made the dream happen. I’m sure you know this story along with a lot that he has chosen to share with you, his best bud. I can’t think of a better author for his story. Hoping for Jamie ‘s full recovery and the best wishes on your new endeavour.


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