Loss In The Leap Of Faith Family

Twice this week I’ve received news of a friends passing. Even while celebrating the early success of my new book, I was saddened by the news. Two different people, two different reasons to mourn.


First I learned of the death of the previous owner of our boat. As many of you know, our boat is also our home. Her name is Leap of Faith, which I also used in the title of my first book. Graham owned her for many years before we purchased her. He took tremendous care of it. The reason we fell in love with this boat was the fine condition in which he kept it. I sit on my boat right now and reflect. Before me, someone else had a deep relationship with her. Graham and I became friends during the buying process. We’d come and visit before the settlement was final. Then he would come back and visit after we became the proud new owners. I know he was sad to see her go, but I also know that he was happy for us and knew that we would love her like he did. 


Graham and his wife Barb.

THOMPSON, Graham Ross (Retired R.C.M.P.)
At Toronto East General Hospital on Friday, February 7, 2014, in his 67th year. Graham Thompson was the beloved husband of Barbara (nee Briggs) of Collingwood; the much loved father of Teri Hart (Eric) of Midhurst and Wendy Peterson (Jason) of Airdirie, Alberta; and cherished Poppa of six. Graham was a retired law enforcement officer, having proudly served six years with the Ontario Provincial Police and 23 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


The second bit of sad news was hearing of the passing of Sailmaker John. I wrote about John in my first book. We met one sunny day in Marathon, Florida. John Rose was the only sailmaker in Marathon. We spent a fine afternoon drinking beer and swapping stories. he lived on his sailboat Trini at the city marina. That was one of his sisters names. Jamie Merkel reached out to me on Facebook to tell me of his death. John was Jamie’s brother. John had turned us on to the Reacher books by Lee Child. He gave us a well worn paperback and we ended up buying all the Reacher books. We meet a lot of people in our travels, many that we never see again. John stood out as a kind and genuine person. This incident also points out what my books have done as far as my reach and readership. Jamie Merkel found me, through reading my first book and seeing John discussed in print. RIP sailmaker John. 


Sailmaker John on the left.


Death is a part of life. You never know when it will come for you. Take that leap. Live your life. Grab your dreams now. 

Enjoy each day, each moment and each person. 


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2 thoughts on “Loss In The Leap Of Faith Family

  1. bill garver

    Thanks Ed for your stories. A good read.
    I was a childhood friend of John’s. We were able to reach out and revisit with the use of the internet. Enjoying each day as it happens.
    Thanks again.


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