Happier Than A Billionaire:

Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica, and Living the Zero Hour Work Week 

Happier Than A Billionaire shares one couple’s celebration of risking it all for the dream of living a happier life.

In this humorous and witty account, Nadine Pisani shares what it is like to follow her dream of quitting her job and starting a new life under the sunny skies of Costa Rica. Along the way, she finds reliable utilities are not that reliable, quirky neighbors are unavoidable, and tackling red tape takes the strength of a linebacker. 

But with all its challenges, you’ll learn why Costa Rica is ranked as one of the happiest places on earth–and you too may want to taste the Pura Vida lifestyle.



  Amazon listed this gem in my recommendations and I’m glad they did. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Nadine’s writing style is like sitting with a friend and having a casual conversation. Here is a person who knows how to laugh at life’s roadblocks, and at herself. 

  She is very honest about the obstacles they faced during their transition, and about her doubts and fears. She even admits to occassional bouts of homesickness. Her and her husband manage to face down their fears, shrug off the difficulties and find true happiness. Throughout the narrative you can’t help but take a new accounting of your own life. Why aren’t you happy?

Do you really need all that stuff? Do you ever just stop to enjoy the moment, watch the hummingbirds, enjoy a sunset? The author leads us through her journey from stressed out, unhappy professional, to laid back, devil-may-care adventurer. It’s a well told tale that will grab you right from the beginning, and cause you to chuckle throughout. 


Happier Than A Billionaire is currently a number 1 Bestseller at Amazon for Central American Travel. It has well over 300 Five Star reviews. 

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Again, I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone dreaming about exiting the rat race. 

My next read will be the sequel, 


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  1. Stormy

    I just wanted to stop by and let you know that this little blog you have worked so hard to create is one of my greatest sources of inspiration : Thank You ) Alan


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