Life Explored With Old Doc Ford (and the gang at Cabbage Key)

  That’s a song lyric from my favorite singer/songwriter Jim Morris. Jim is a longtime friend of Randy Wayne White, my favorite Florida novelist. Since moving to Florida Jim and I have become friends. Jim knew Randy before he became a famous, successful writer. They used to fish and drink together when Randy was a fishing guide.  I’m honored to call Jim Morris my friend, though I’ve yet to actually meet Randy. I have to settle for good food and drinks at one of his restaurants, Doc Ford’s Rum Bar (Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island).

  The series of Doc Ford books by Randy W. White are set in southwest Florida. Doc lives in a converted fishing shack in Dinkin’s Bay on Sanibel Island. In real life that beautiful body of water is called Tarpon Bay. We’ve visited there a few times, both by land and sea. Doc’s shack is located in/near a marina, which makes for an interesting cast of characters. 

  Doc had a shadowy past as some sort of deep, dark agent of the government. His skills come in handy from time to time as he encounters bad guys of all types. His life now is as a marine biologist, but that doesn’t prevent him from finding trouble in his travels. Curiously, even though Doc is a serious and straight-laced man, his best friend is a dope smoking, hippie guru. The scenes, the characters and the plots are all very original and unique. 

  There are 21 Doc Ford novels in print now, with the most recent being Bone Deep. The NY Times calls it a stunning new thriller.


All these have been highly successful, New York Times Bestsellers. Any are good as a stand alone read, but I’ve found a link that arranges them in chronological order if you wish to read them in order.


If you haven’t yet discovered the Doc Ford books, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. 



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