Sailing Books

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Astrolabe Sailing

If like me, you can’t yet be out there actually sailing around the world, there are plenty of books to help with your sailing plans and assist to build up your sailing knowledge or are just great armchair sailing books. Here are some of the titles that I have been reading of late:

  • World Cruising Planner by Jimmy Cornell – a wealth of information in here, and gives you so many tips on how and when to plan your route, in all the different oceans, and all sorts of interesting places to call in to along the way. Highly recommended and I will be buying his other books – World Cruising Routes and World Cruising Destinations also. Jimmy Cornell also has his own website which is well worth a look.World Cruising Routes: 7th edition
  • Manual of Seamanship – Tom Cunliffe – I am currently studying this as part…

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