The Untold Story of Kim / Now Available in Paperback

  It’s finally here! This work was very important to me and my wife. I wanted it to be perfect. I was not satisfied with the first proofs so I hired a professional formatting company to take it to the next level. Blue Valley Author Services did an excellent job of turning my manuscript into a top-notch professional looking book. 

 I hired a new editor this time as well. Martin O’Hearn did a fine job of finding my typos and correcting tense issues here and there. He really did improve upon what I gave him. 

  Pamela Sinclair of It Girl Designs made the cover really pop. I wanted the art to be dramatic and she succeeded in doing just that. My thanks to all of these pros for helping me produce a truly first class product.

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Early reviews are very encouraging:

Ed (and Kim), I finished reading this book late last night on Kindle and all I can say is WOW. What you went through, what you were put through, and your strength to carry on is incredible. You have put more evidence into the case that our whole society, our government, our social structure, and our entire way of thinking is headed in the wrong direction. Congratulations on making it through this together. It seems as though the two of you really are “Living the Dream”. This book is very well written and impossible to put down. I recommend this to everyone. 


This is a heart-wrenching story that never abandons hope. Kim is hurt in a job-related accident, and instead of healing, she is left with chronic suffering. Ed tries everything imaginable to help her conquer the pain. When things seem as if they can’t get any worse, more misery piles on. The author lays bare his fear and anxiety concerning the bleakness of the SYSTEM, but his compass points to a solution, if he can just zero in on the coordinates. Author Robinson’s narrative is fascinating, and Kim’s fight is determined, sending a message of hope to many who suffer from a chronic illness. I loved the book.


This book is well written and accurate as to the condition Kim has to endure. It’s inspirational and personal for me as I too have had a similar situation. Ed is the only person that has been able to address the details of this type of injury in an accurate
way. It exposes the dirty side of our medical and legal systems.
Thanks for giving me the strength to go on.


We all know someone with Chronic Pain but this book brings home the personal struggle and frustration with the “System” of the sufferer and the caregiver.
A must read for everyone.


Hats off to Ed and Kim for persevering against unbelievable odds and hardships, for having the courage to step out of their comfort zones and for sharing this amazing story with the rest of us. WOW!


Great Read Ed. I am positive that your book is going to help a lot of individuals with chronic pain. It gave me a little insight as well. I have read all 3 of your books and have not been disappointed. Can’t wait till your next book comes out. P.S. Kim best of luck to you, may God keep you under his wing.


My wife and I love the inspirational words. For us it is a light. My wife lives with chronic pain in her neck and back and is trying to ween herself off the pills. We have lived our lives for the past four years with high stress and doctors and specialists. This book will be our light that this can be done. She can be free of pain and her light can shine again. 


We never get to see behind what’s going on with chronic pain. The dependency doctors have on hard core drugs is appalling.
This is an awesome book that encourages the reader to become a survivor.


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