Leap of Faith by Ed Robinson

Nice thoughts about Leap of Faith, via Liquid Kangaroo,

Liquid Kangaroo


I just finished reading Leap of Faith: Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat by Ed Robinson. It was a great read and his writing style is very fun to follow. Chapter 1 starts off:

“What’s so great about living on a boat? What’s so special about my life in particular you ask?

Let’s consider a typical day in the life of the happiest guy in the world. As I write, I’m sitting on the back of my yacht. The boat is anchored in a slice of Eden known as Pelican Bay. She’s nestled snugly between the beautiful island of Cayo Costa and the patch of sand and mangroves named Punta Blanca Island. The sun is shining in an impossibly crystal blue sky. It’s eighty-four degrees, the water is flat and clear, and I just cracked open an ice-cold beer.”

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