Quick Update

All is well aboard Leap of Faith. We are currently anchored in Pelican Bay/Cayo Costa and enjoying life. The new dinghy is working out well. It’s nice not to have to pump it up everyday.


Two problems resolved: First we had a charger/inverter/generator problem. Turns out that we left the breaker on to the water heater when we left the marina. The inverter can not handle a water heater, so it just kept kicking out. This also is a huge load on the generator. A simple flick of a switch fixed everything! I feel pretty dumb, but at least the fix was free.


secondly, our new autopilot simply didn’t work. The problem was in the rudder feedback unit installed by my friend with an engineering degree from MIT. I took it all apart. I found a hardware store in Fort Myers Beach and got some parts/pieces to reinstall. Son-of-a-gun it works now. I feel less dumb. Using the autopilot on the trip back to Pelican Bay was awesome. 


That’s it for now, limited wifi.image

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