Nautical Novels (Introducing Breeze)


Each book is a work of fiction featuring the character Meade Breeze. He was inspired by Travis McGee from the John D. MacDonald novels. He also has a bit of James Hall’s Thorn character in him. He lives off the grid and under the radar aboard his classic trawler. My personal experience living aboard Leap of Faith in SW Florida and the Keys, gives him direction.

He is not your common hero, in fact, I call him an “anti-hero”. He doesn’t always do the right thing. This tendency lands him in hot water more often than not. He’s on the run from the law. He identifies missions than carries them out. He puts thousands of miles under his keel in search of personal fulfillment and adventure. Each book is an adventure-laden travel guide through Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. He even travels up the east coast to the Chesapeake Bay.

Follow Breeze and his star-crossed love affairs at the following links:

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