Crucial Provisions; Cost Comparison / Florida Keys vs. the Mainland

Most of us are aware that everything is more expensive in the Keys. Food is generally 25% more expensive, for example. Marina slip fees are outrageous. The list goes on. But what about the REALLY important necessities?



Before leaving southwest Florida for Key West, we stocked up heavily on rum at the Port Charlotte ABC store.
We paid $19.99 per bottle for 1.75 litres of Captain Morgan.

In the Keys, we mostly paid $29.99 for the same size bottle and brand of rum. That’s a $10 dollar increase!
(The exceptions; if you can find a Walgreens with attached liquor store, the prices are much more reasonable.)



In the Keys, we paid $14.99 to $15.99 for a box-o-wine. Here in Punta Gorda, at Walmart, we paid $9.99.
There is no Walmart in the Keys. Wine was more expensive by about the same ratio as rum.



We refilled our beer supply at the Publix in Marathon. A case of Yuengling was $24.99. Here in Punta Gorda, that same case costs $17.99. That’s 7 extra bucks per case in the Keys!

Sooooo, as you consider your cruising budget for your next trip to the beautiful Florida Keys, keep this valuable information in mind. Up your booze budget by about 50%, and maybe you can avoid sticker shock on your first trip to the liquor store.

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