Life Aboard / Photo Album from the past few weeks

We left Marathon in the Florida Keys and traveled up the West Coast of Florida, stopping over in the Everglades, Marco Island, Fort Myers Beach, Cayo Costa, and now in Punta Gorda. We dawdled for days and weeks in various anchorages, in no hurry. It was great to return to the friendly confines of Pelican Bay once again.

Here are some random shots from our time there:













And – just to prove it’s not always sunsets and calm seas, we had days like these:



My favorite shot was of this cormorant who bit of more than he could chew:


Just a little taste of what we do, for the dreamers out there. Peace.

1 thought on “Life Aboard / Photo Album from the past few weeks

  1. Jeff Wilbanks

    Always good to see pics. Helps some people leave their house, job, hectic day to day life and travel with you to these fine places of mostly relaxation ( I know the real story behind the pics). We are living the dream many dare not to try due to circumstances beyond their immediate control or due to excuses….either way they live through our pics and stories…I love to help out and love the idea that so many are enjoying the show! If they are watching and reading then that’s time not spent on video games, watching tv, or time wasted worrying about tomorrow. Keep up the good work….you should consider writing a book or two ya know….lol!

    Yer friend Capt Jeff


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