What Do The Characters Look Like? (Trawler Trash and Following Breeze)

Do you read books and form a mental image of the characters? How does an author create that image. Personally, I form characters based on real people. I know what someone looks like in real life, so it makes it easier to describe them in words. Some of the pictures here are actual friends of mine, used fictitiously in my novels.
Some of the pics are not the real McCoy, but very close in appearance.

Breeze’s ex-lover Andi

Cuban refugee Yolanda

Captain Fred, Incognito, Georgetown Bahamas

Bald Mark

Breeze’s lawyer, Mike Savage (on the left)

Kentucky Tom, and his wife

Diver Dan’s sidekick Robin, with his dog Kitty

Now here’s the real question…. What about Breeze? What/Who does he look like? Who should play him in the movie?



2 thoughts on “What Do The Characters Look Like? (Trawler Trash and Following Breeze)

  1. Tim

    I just finished Following Breeze. When I reached the part about Bahia Mar and Travis McGee. I purchased a JDM book in the airport in Orlando in 1989 while on a business trip. A year later after becoming addicted to the TM series, I was back Florida , Ft. Lauderdale and had booked a room at the Raddison Bahia Mar. At that time the plaque was mounted on a post on one of the docks. It also was the week the aircraft carrier CV 67. John F Kennedy was in port and allowed visitors to comenon board and right the evelator to the flight deck. The Navy was gracious enough to have one of each of the planes on deck with flight crews to answer questions. I got lucky just like Breeze did planning that trip.

    Thanks and when the next book due. You have a lot of catching up to do if you going to catch Wayne Stinnette.


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