Big Changes for Leap of Faith

Followers of this blog and/or our Facebook page know that we don’t frequent marinas. We much prefer to swing peacefully on the hook in some quiet cove on the west coast of Florida, or in the Keys. Circmstances change.

We arrived in Punta Gorda one month ago. We hoped to re-provision, see some old friends, and continue on our merry way. Instead, Kim became deathly ill. Long-time followers know that she has had a variety of health issues over the years. I detailed her earlier struggles in the book, The Untold Story of Kim. This time she was hospitalized, and diagnosed with pancreatitis.


She is recovering nicely, but her long-term well-being requires some major lifestyle changes. As a result, we’ve decided to stay here, at Laishley Park Marina for the foreseeable future. We’re becoming . . . . Marina People! (Gasp)


Hopefully, she’ll be well enough to resume cruising in the fall, and we may or may not return to the Keys for the winter. We’ll see.

For the last month, we’ve depending on friends to give us a ride to the grocery store and doctor’s appointments. We really don’t like being dependant on others, Sooooooo – yesterday we walked up town and plunked down cash for a used car. We’re the proud new owners of a 2000 VW Jetta. 1200 hundred bucks is gone from our cuising kitty. Add insurance to the list as well. There was a time when we couldn’t have afforded any of this in good conscience. Things are looking up financially though, so we should be okay with the additional expense, at least for the time being.


Meanwhile, we are adjusting to marina life. We have friends here. It’s a super nice place to be. We’ll consider it a hiatus from cruising, with an eye to the future. I plan to concentrate on writing, while Kim concentrates on getting well.

The only thing constant in life, is Change. This is a big one for us. Wish us well, and thanks for your suport.

Ed and Kim Robinson

11 thoughts on “Big Changes for Leap of Faith

  1. Moira

    Life is what it is, and change is the only constant in life. Your decision is based on your wife’s health circumstances, and completely understandable. Perhaps now you can blog from a Marina Person’s perspective . . . . 🙂

  2. Chris L

    Wishing the best for your lovely wife. We were just in PG looking for a home for our Trimaran. Had we know you were in port, we would have stopped in to say Aloha and thank you for the great books you’ve published. I’ve read them all. Chris L.

  3. Sam Emfinger

    You two have no idea how many lives you’ve touched and inspired. May God continue to bless you both and give Kim a speedy recovery.

  4. deans

    Love you guys dearly. If you need anything call me. Kim honey you take your time and do as the doctors say. H honey rest.

  5. Karen Butler s/v Last Call

    Get well soon Kim, we will be cruising the Keys & Bahamas next year and hope to run into you both again.

  6. Wayne Stinnett

    Kim looks much better as a used car owner, than as a hospital patient. Take good care of your lady and y’all will be back in that secluded cove, swinging on the hook in no time, my friend.


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