My New Pet Peeve

A lot of us cringe when we see a vessel underway with its fenders hanging overboard. It’s a sign of a boat that rarely leaves the dock. It’s also a good way to loose said fenders. I’ve found at least a dozen fenders floating over the past few years, some in excellent shape.

But there is a new trend developing that is equally disturbing to me.


We are currently in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida. There are boats here from all over the country, and even from foreign countries. The above vessel in Canadian.


This guy must be afraid someone is going to ram him from behind!



Aria, is a nicely appointed vessel, well-kept, even has fender covers. Still, they hang outboard of the vessel.


There’s another set of three hanging on the port side of the bow.


I don’t know about you, but all these fenders hanging everywhere just doesn’t sit well with me. It looks junky, and again, it’s a really good way to loose them, especially if underway. In some cases I wonder; why so many fenders in the first place?

And it’s clearly a sailboat thing. I understand they have less room to store them. I have not noticed this phenomenom on trawlers. They either have racks to hold them or enough storage to stow them away when not it use.

Maybe some of you sailors can chime in with your opinion. Anyway, cheers from the middle Keys.

15 thoughts on “My New Pet Peeve

  1. thomas habanek’s about space and necessity. I do the same thing when traveling, as you need them fast sometime. And it frees up a storage locker. Hey, it better than hanging underwear on the lifelines.

  2. Wayne Stinnett

    As a kid, I always thought it strange how a car’s hubcap could come off and a lot ot times, seem to roll to a stop leaning against a stop sign or curb. Then my dad explained that if someone found a hubcap in their yard, they would put it there so whoever lost it might see it. Could explain all but the last picture. There, I’d say he just doesn’t have the room below.

  3. lockboxsocial

    I am the skipper of Aria in your photograph. I spring the dinghy against those fenders each night. They are carefully set for that purpose.

  4. Dr Glans

    With regards to the last picture, need I be an ass and say it? “Port side of the bow” is the left side of the vessel. Yup, I’m an ass for saying it.

  5. Curtis

    You reckon they should just be streamed aft with maybe a light on the end one so they’re noticeable after dark? Makes sense to me. They’re much too bulky to store below.


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