Redeeming Breeze now Available

Redeeming Breeze

Get your copy at the link below:

Redeeming Breeze
Breeze is trying to leave his troubled past behind. His dream of a beautiful woman on a Caribbean island remains elusive. One day he’s sitting on his boat, minding his own business. The next day he’s on the run from Russian mobsters with two sex slaves aboard. Doing the right thing turns out to be a tricky business.

Meade Breeze
Part rebel, part knight in rusty armor, and every ounce his own man, Meade Breeze is a rugged, reclusive Florida boat bum. He has special talent for attracting sexy women. His skill at handling boats is matched only by his knack for getting into, and out of, one predicament after another. In this fourth novel starring Breeze, he faces his most dangerous challenge yet.


2 thoughts on “Redeeming Breeze now Available

  1. Don Bruce

    Took your advice in Nov 2011, sold my home in California, bought a 34′ Sloop (an Aloha, named “Nomad”) in Annapolis and have been living aboard ever since. Stumbled on to “Redeeming Breeze” last week and am now just finishing “Free Breeze” to complete the series. Great books.


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