Product Alert


Don’t buy this stuff!!

Here’s our experience; Our dinghy was 18 months old. We rarely can spare the fresh water to give a good scrubbing. Occassionally, we’ll get enough rain to assist in cleanup. It got pretty dirty and regular products weren’t getting it clean.

We bought Starbrite Inflatable Boat Cleaner and Protectant from West Marine. It worked like magic. Our dinghy was restored to like-new condition. We were thrilled . . . at first.

As soon as we used the dinghy, we noticed a sticky residue. I sat on the tube and when I got up my shorts stuck to the boat. Over the next few days, the stickiness collected more dirt and grime. We tried scrubbing it off, but it remained sticky. Over the next few weeks, the rapidly collecting grime made the dinghy look worse than ever.

We tried every type of cleaning product we had, to no avail. Finally, we mixed Dawn and Bleach and used a 3M scrubbing pad. We worked hard and used a lot of elbow grease. We got about 80% of the dirt off, but the stickiness is still there.

Our dinghy is forever sticky! 


Your results may vary, but I can’t recommend this product, other than to recommend that you just say NO.

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