The Boat on the Beach


We learned of this boat yesterday. Today is at least the second full day it’s been grounded. The tide was about two hours past high when these photos were taken. With the full moon, he missed a good chance to pull her off the beach this afternoon.


Aventigo? No hailing port. We know that the police came and talked to him yesterday. They didn’t offer assistance. They just want him off the beach. This is a private island and home to Palm Island Resort. This unfortunate captain says that he anchored offshore. His anchor dragged overnight while he slept and he woke up on the beach.

He has no towing insurance. He apparently didn’t take the proper steps to get himself back into deeper water when he had the chance. He also has no anchor out, which means each high tide will driver him harder aground.


I can’t imagine that no one has offered to pull him off over a two day period. I also can’t imagine what he’s thinking at this point. Just sitting there doing nothing won’t get her free.



The boat rests just north of Don Pedro Island, on the west coast of Florida. It’s approximately two miles south of Stump Pass. If anyone is reading that has a strong boat in the area . . . maybe you can run out there before tomorrow’s high tide and try to assist this man.

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