The Boat Galley

In the digital age, there are many resources available for one to learn about the cruising/liveaboard lifestyle. Personal blogs, sailing and cruising websites, and a host of cruising and liveaboard Facebook pages. In my mind, there is one that stands out for it’s constant stream of pure, helpful information.


Outfitting Your Boat

Boat-Friendly Recipes


Food Storage

How to Cook on a Boat

And more, including product reviews, helpful hints, what works, and what doesn’t work.


We’ve had the pleasure of being neighbors with Dave and Carolyn Shearlock the past two winters in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon. We’ve watched them go through the trials of outfitting a new boat. We’ve followed them through their Bahamas trip via Facebook.

If you haven’t already discovered their website or Facebook page, Follow the links for more information than you can absorb on the liveaboard life, and how to make it easier. You won’t be disappointed.

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