Six Years In!



Hard to believe it’s been six years since we purchased our boat. Once we left our first marina, we spent several years living exclusively at anchor or on a mooring ball. After many adventures, we’ve come full circle and are resting in a marina again.

We’ve thoroughly explored Southwest Florida and the Keys. We even made it to the Bahamas this past spring.



Our past two winters have been spent in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida. We stayed a few months at Laishley Park Marina in Punta Gorda. Now we are at Palm Island Marina, in Cape Haze, Florida. Our Bahamas trip was almost 1200 miles round trip! The old boat has some hours on her now, but she’s been steadfast. We’ve got no regrets.

For those of you contemplating the liveaboard lifestyle, all I can say is go for it. The good days far outnumber the bad.

Cheers, to six years.

3 thoughts on “Six Years In!

  1. liveran64

    Wow, Ed!
    We are almost there. Ready to buy the boat any day to get prepped for the final cast off.
    Working the steps to take the leap really works if your willing to give up the “stuff” and marketing messages to buy even more.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Well done on your journey. Keep on, keeping on!

  2. Sixbears

    Palm Island is a nice place. We’ve always been treated well there. We’ve come full circle ourselves. We’d planned on spending this winter in the Bahamas, but lost our boat in a shipwreck last year. Now we are rebuilding. Strange to spend winter in NH after many years being away.

    I’ve enjoyed your books because we’ve sailed from north of Tarpon Springs, to the Keys. Spent time in Boot Key harbor. Even fought the bugs at Shark River. Okay, I’ve enjoyed the stories, but they are even better when we know so many of the places where the action is set.

    Next winter we’ll be back on the water, even if we have to trailer down our old small sailboat.

    All the best!


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