Elk River Falls. Wow!

The good news is that the walk to the top of the falls was an easy one. The climb down to the base of the falls was quite steep, but mercifully short. Kim opted not to go down with me. I think all the warning signs scared her off.




I managed to make it down and back up without too much trouble. It was well worth the climb.


We left the main road in Elk Park, North Carolina and traveled one of the most isolated, backwoods drives we’ve seen yet to find these falls. It was only a thirty minute trip from our house. The whole area surrounding the falls is wild and beautiful.







I much enjoyed this day trip. The scenery was fantastic. The falls were easy to reach. So far Elk River Falls are my favorite.



3 thoughts on “Elk River Falls. Wow!

  1. Sixbears

    Nice. That area looks a lot like my home stomping grounds in northern NH. Of course, winter is a lot more brutal here. That’s why I spend winter on a boat in FL waters.

    . . . so, can we expect a new book from you soonish?


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