The Haunted Hospital of Banner Elk

We drive by this place all the time, but we never knew what it was. I got curious and did some internet research. I found a long list of reported ghost sightings, evil spirits, and otherworldly rumors.


It was once the Cannon Memorial Hospital, but it’s been closed for many years. The abandoned structure is heavily vandalized. These days the police keep a close eye on it and will arrest trespassers.


It’s the stuff of local legend. It seems everyone has a spooky story to tell, especially college kids. It’s also been featured on several Ghost Hunting Shows.



While most of this will be chalked up to rumor and maybe a little legend there is an incident of a patient holding a doctor and some nurses hostage, the hospital supposedly had a history of housing violent patients and the Chief of Police thinks the place is demonic.

I found plenty of videos on Youtube of various ghost hunters, but there is nothing definitively proving that spirits dwell in the old hospital. Still, it is kind of creepy.




4 thoughts on “The Haunted Hospital of Banner Elk

  1. UnitTime

    Good luck with anything you find there. It isnt haunted…as if hauntings existed. I went, saw, had a good time exploring and found some cool stuff. Old files never transported, old equipment. Its just an abandoned HP. Creepiest thing there is the toxic fumes of asbestos and old viles of mercury. Try taking a calm mind instead of useless equipment used for testing real science. Wet metal generates energy as well as other factors. Just get a grip on reality people.

  2. Russell Flowers

    I’ve got a photo I took in October 2016 that without a doubt shows an mid century nurse in the top left window.


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