Leaving the Mountains

Most of you know that Kim and I are not afraid of change. When we sold the boat we wanted to try something different and moving to the mountains was about as different as it gets. I have lots of good things to say about the North Carolina High Country. The scenery is stunning no matter where you look. The air is fresh and clean. The people are friendly and kind.

We really do love our little cabin in the woods, but the weather here does not suit us. It wasn’t the cold winter or the snow, it’s the constant gloom of rain, clouds, fog, and gray skies. It feels like the sun rarely shines, so this won’t be our forever home.


We are moving to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. We got a house. It’s not a classic trawler or a cool log cabin, it’s just a house, but we really like it.


The property is .85 acres so we have a little grass to cut.


With a nice little private space out back.


Kim gets a real kitchen too.

It’s in a quiet neighborhood close to Swansboro. Some of our neighbors will be Marines stationed at Camp Lejeune. We’ll be minutes from the waterfront and a short drive to the beach at Emerald Isle and other area attractions. We’ve made two trips to explore and we’ve liked what we’ve seen.

Screenshot (54)

We take possession on June 17th. Lots to do between now and then.

This will make Leap number 3, but we have a feeling this will be the place where we settle down. Cheers to new adventures!




14 thoughts on “Leaving the Mountains

  1. Karenn Lersner

    Good luck!! I just want to put in my 2 cents. You need to visit New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Just sayin…😎

  2. Andy Hyman

    Congrats Ed & Kim! I am so happy for you guys. But, I am especially happy for Breeze as he deserves to be on the coast. What coast? Any coast! He will make do wherever he is! I am looking forward to all you have to offer. May God bless you all!

  3. Effie CONFER

    I love what you guys are doing. Moving sucks, but It’s only a minor thing. Congrats on the new place. Eff

  4. Diana G Christ

    Go happy for you both — you have to be near the water. Its in your blood. Even before Leap you guys were near the Bay! The place sounds perfect! ~~Diana

  5. Miles Miller

    Good for you both. I’m disappointed though; the Trawler and the mountains were things I can relate to and live for. The adventures and the total depending on one’s ability to overcome obstacles one encounters, don’t believe Breeze could live or survive in suburbia…..

  6. Michael Boen

    ED & Kim, I know how you feel, We lived in Grand Rapids, MI for 13 years and had to get out, The snow shovel was the factor that took my back out, but the sun never shines there either. Well, most times not, Still here in SWFL till we take that dirt nap. I just wish you both the best in all you do. Keep the adventures alive so you can translate that to paper which you do so well.

    All the best,
    Mike B & Jackie B
    in Fort Myers, FL


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