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Epic World Rum Tasting Tour

  Okay, okay, maybe we didn’t actually tour the world, but some years back Kim and I tasted the world’s rums. We wanted to find the finest rum we could, that we both agreed was the best. Why? Because we had recently completed our Epic World Tequila Tasting Tour and we needed a new drinking challenge. Besides, we were about to quit our jobs and live on a boat, so we figured we needed to become rum drinkers. 

  Caribbean Islands are famous for making fine rum so we started with various offerings from Barbados, Jamaica, BVI, Trinidad, etc. We found mostly dark rums that didn’t really suit us. Most dark rums are aged in whiskey barrels, giving them a smoky aftertaste like bourbon. Yuck. We both dislike bourbon and found most dark rums unsuitable, even though expensive and highly regarded. 

  There was an exception, and that is Pyrat. It’s a super premium rum from the British West Indies, rich dark color and hints of heavy molasses with an extremely smooth finish. I put it on my list of possibles, but Kim wasn’t so sure. 


  Eventually we turned to clear, or silver rums. Fewer choices but we were zeroing in on what we liked. Your run of the mill silvers found in every liquor store just weren’t up to par for us. Bacardi, Cruzan, etc. were inferior in our opinion, We had a hard time finding new silver rums to try. 10 Cane, from Trinidad was pretty good. As was Atlantico Platino, from the Dominican Republic. We put them on the list but kept searching for the perfect taste that we BOTH could agree upon. 



  We had tried over 100 dark rums, and maybe 50 whites, when we stumbled upon an ad for something new from Captain Morgan. Lime Bite was a white rum with lime flavoring. We always like Captain Morgan spiced, but it seemed so ordinary and common. We thought we needed to discover a really fine rum from someplace exotic. We figured what the heck, we’ll try it. We started searching our local liqour stores and came up short. We were told “coming soon.”

  We managed to find a few other new rums to try, but still had not made a final decision. Finally Lime Bite started showing up the shelves locally. We bought our first fifth and brought it home to sample. We chilled the bottle in the freezer first. When we poured that first shot and sipped our first taste, we knew. This was it! We both loved it. Our Epic World Rum Tasting Tour was complete. We learned a lot about what we liked and didn’t like as far as rums go. The Lime Bite tastes best straight up, chilled. For mixed drinks we use Mount Gay, a reliable standby. 

  So in our opinion, Lime Bite is THE best sipping rum in the world. Good old Captain Morgan proves his worth yet again. 





 We love it so much we buy it by the case, and it’s inexpensive. Here in Florida we can get 1.75 liter bottles for $19.99. That’s the big bottle for you drinking novices. I am not a novice. I could be a personal trainer for people who don’t drink well. But take it from an expert. Here’s what Intoxicology 101 has to say about Lime Bite:

Upon opening the bottle, the artificial lime flavor immediately hits you. Initially the aroma reminds me more of that of curacao or triple sec. The lime flavor is very apparent but not overwhelming giving you a nice balance of flavor and alcohol. I sampled the product in several ways: first warmly sipped, secondly cold in a shot form, and 3rd in group of mixed drink recipes provided by CaptainMorgan.com.  When sampled warm and cold there is a taste of lime followed by very little bite from the alcohol. As a cold shot the lime flavor is featured more and the alcohol is almost non existent making this treat and alternative to those that like shooting blanco tequila but hate the after taste. I tried mixing it both with cola and ginger ale, classic mixers for the original and felt that the new lime addition only made the marriage a bigger success. Overall I would highly recommend this to fans of the Captain and those that usually shy away from spiced rum. 

  Go out and get yourself a bottle to try. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 


Cheers from the lovely Miss Kim!






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