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14 Weeks as Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in Boating

Poop, Booze, and Bikinis has really surprised me with it’s staying power and appeal. Boaters of all types have kept it at the top of the charts for over 3 months now. Here’s what a few Amazon reviewers had to say:


Absolutely hilarious, inspiring, and fun!    

Absolutely Wonderful read.

Oh how we laughed!

Found my new fav Author



Cindy says, “Every boater can relate, and how appropriate that Poop is the first chapter. I was so amused by it that I began reading excerpts to our dockmates-we roared, we have a saying around here that eventually every conversation turns to crap. I find my fiancé quoting the book to our landlubber friends so that they can better understand our lifestyle, insisting that every person we know read it. Whether you’re a boater or not, the book will make you laugh out loud. Absolutely delightful!”


Ryan says, “You absolutely have to read this book! I am not a big reader, but I aspire to live in paradise and have the freedom to do what I want, when I want. Ed Robinson is a funny and inspiring person that shares true stories that happen while living aboard a boat. I read his first book, Leap of Faith, Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat. I read that cover to cover, just like this one! If you love the sun and sand, cold cocktails and beer, or long to chase your dream in paradise whether on a boat or not….buy this book now! Read it and tell everyone so we can meet on a beach and share a cold one!”


Graham says, “Ed is a gifted writer and has nailed the cruising life down perfectly. Every boater has either experienced every situation he describes, or will sometime in the future. I read this on my kindle, then purchased two copies as gifts. Love it Love it Love it”


Poop, Booze, and Bikinis is available for your Kindle for only 2.99.

The paperback version is on sale for only 8.99.

Get your copy today by clicking this link:





Top Ten Boating Pages on Facebook

There are many great resources and fun pages on Facebook that are boating oriented. This is my list of the ten best. If you are a liveaboard boater, planning on living aboard, a liveaboard wannabe or just a plain boating enthusiast, you should “Like” these pages. 

Check out their websites too if they have one listed. 

(No particular order)






YouBoats is a yachting social network. 




Boat Porn



Eye candy for boat addicts, boat builders, sailors, dreamers, and lovers.

(No, it’s not that kind of porn . . . )


Living Aboard Boats



Living Aboard Boats is an open group. A place to share with other group members the lifestyle and experience both good and bad of living aboard a boat. Both those who are currently living aboard boats and those who want to are welcome.




The single best place to shop for boats, anywhere in the world. I could spend hours just looking.




Boating Lovers




Based in Brazil, but plenty of English language boating stuff.


The Boat Galley



One of my personal favorites. Chock full of useful tips about life aboard, not just galley stuff.



Discover Boating



Discover Boating is a public awareness effort powered by the North American recreational boating industry.



I’m A Boater



Fun boating pics and products



Active Captain



If you travel on your boat, or plan to . . . you MUST sign up for Activecaptain. Too many fantastic resources to mention.

Active Captain is an online nautical resource providing marina, anchorage, hazard, and local knowledge data. The data is integrated into more than 20 navigation products and can be access on the ActiveCaptain website. There is no cost for using or contributing to ActiveCaptain.



Plenty of pages to look at to feed your boating fix. Give them a Like.

Also consider Liking the official Facebook sponsor of this blog:



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