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Best Seller in Pain Management / Best Seller in Physical Impairments

The Untold Story of Kim has gotten great reviews. This powerful true story of one woman’s triumph over pain will lead you to hate doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies. By the time you finish, you’ll have fallen in love with Kim. 
This deeply inspiring tale is destined to become the most important book ever written about chronic pain and pain management in today’s healthcare environment. 


Here’s what the readers are saying: 

This is a heart-wrenching story that never abandons hope. Kim is hurt in a job-related accident, and instead of healing, she is left with chronic suffering. Ed tries everything imaginable to help her conquer the pain. When things seem as if they can’t get any worse, more misery piles on. The author lays bare his fear and anxiety concerning the bleakness of the SYSTEM, but his compass points to a solution, if he can just zero in on the coordinates. Author Robinson’s narrative is fascinating, and Kim’s fight is determined, sending a message of hope to many who suffer from a chronic illness. I loved the book.


 We never get to see behind what’s going on with chronic pain. The dependency doctors have on hard core drugs is appalling.
This is an awesome book that encourages the reader to become a survivor.
I had a hard time putting this book down. Very inspiring for those who suffer from chronic pain no matter the cause and those who will do whatever to help. No one ever knows what that person is going through or feeling at that time unless it is yourself or caregiver. I am one of those and it is hard since the pain can not be seen.
My best friend recommended this book to me, we both have a chronic illness that causes a lot of pain every day. I found myself in tears, and laughed a little too, but what amazes me the most is just what you were willing to do for your wife, and just how strong she is as a woman that was suffering. Thank you so much for sharing Kim’s story, and yours! It has opened my eyes a little more and has given me hope that someday things will get better. I know my husband would move mountains for me, so I can appreciate just how truly special your relationship is. 🙂
I absolutely loved this book! Kim’s story touched me and made me open my eyes to the stress in my life and the effects it has on the chronic illness I have.
The writers,compassion for his wife brought me to tears. He moved mountains to help her become well again.
Your story is an inspiration. I will be having my husband and best friend read this.
Near the end of the book I wrote this: Kim is a survivor of the highest degree. She took what threatened to destroy her and came out thriving. 
  Now she hopes that the questions her case asks can someday be answered. She wants to highlight the deficiencies in our treatment of chronic pain. She wants to propose that there is another way. She wishes to raise awareness of all these topics. Most of all she hopes that someone out there will be inspired to carry on. If her story can give hope to someone who is about to give up, it will all be worthwhile. If someone can’t stand the pain any longer, but understands that Kim made it out, this book will be a success. 
  If only a handful of people read it, but those that do are able to continue their fight, then every word will be worth it. Chronic pain doesn’t have to be forever. It’s real and it’s painful and it’s debilitating, but it can be defeated. 
  Let Kim be your guiding light. 
The Kindle Version is available for just 2.99
Paperbacks are on sale for just 8.99
Click the link to get your copy today

14 Weeks as Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in Boating

Poop, Booze, and Bikinis has really surprised me with it’s staying power and appeal. Boaters of all types have kept it at the top of the charts for over 3 months now. Here’s what a few Amazon reviewers had to say:


Absolutely hilarious, inspiring, and fun!    

Absolutely Wonderful read.

Oh how we laughed!

Found my new fav Author



Cindy says, “Every boater can relate, and how appropriate that Poop is the first chapter. I was so amused by it that I began reading excerpts to our dockmates-we roared, we have a saying around here that eventually every conversation turns to crap. I find my fiancé quoting the book to our landlubber friends so that they can better understand our lifestyle, insisting that every person we know read it. Whether you’re a boater or not, the book will make you laugh out loud. Absolutely delightful!”


Ryan says, “You absolutely have to read this book! I am not a big reader, but I aspire to live in paradise and have the freedom to do what I want, when I want. Ed Robinson is a funny and inspiring person that shares true stories that happen while living aboard a boat. I read his first book, Leap of Faith, Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat. I read that cover to cover, just like this one! If you love the sun and sand, cold cocktails and beer, or long to chase your dream in paradise whether on a boat or not….buy this book now! Read it and tell everyone so we can meet on a beach and share a cold one!”


Graham says, “Ed is a gifted writer and has nailed the cruising life down perfectly. Every boater has either experienced every situation he describes, or will sometime in the future. I read this on my kindle, then purchased two copies as gifts. Love it Love it Love it”


Poop, Booze, and Bikinis is available for your Kindle for only 2.99.

The paperback version is on sale for only 8.99.

Get your copy today by clicking this link:





Leap of Faith / Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat

  It’s been eight months since my first book was published. Leap of Faith has been kind to me, or should I say readers have been kind. 

It has 148 Five Star reviews (227 total reviews). It’s been called “Inspiring,” “A Must Read,” and “Brilliant Advice.” This book shows you how to find genuine happiness, even if you don’t want to live on a boat.

Actual quotes from reviewers at Amazon:

Great read for the dreamer in all of us

Worth reading if you have a dream of freedom

A must read for us wanna be liveaboards!

It kept me smiling from start to finish!

Like a conversation with a friend  

Thought provoking

Be careful! This just might change your life!

Great book, hard to put down

 Absolutely Brilliant

Great book and Wonderful Perspectives


I’ve had so many people contact me via Facebook to thank me and say how the book has inspired them. It’s really gratifying for me to see it reach so many readers. Thanks to everyone who purchased and read Leap of Faith, but especially to those that reached out to me as a result. My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/quityourjobandliveonaboat?ref=hl


If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Leap yet, get it at Amazon:


Both paperback and Kindle versions are available.


Trawler Project / Galley Upgrade

  Our old marine propane range is 34 years old. It’s been on it’s last legs for years. It’s gotten more and more difficult to light and keep lit over time. I got tired of fixing it everytime Kim wanted to use the oven, which was tiny. Here is a “before” photo:


  A new marine replacement would cost between 1200 and 1300 dollars. I was limited in choice because it would need to be the exact same dimensions to fit into the cabinetry. I did some research, and found a 20 inch residential range that would fit if I removed the cabinet below the old range. It’s electronic ignition is battery powered, so no need for electricity. Price tag 450 bucks.

  First I removed the old range:


  Here’s where I ran into the first snag:


  The galley sink drain hose ran into the space where the new range needed to be. It typical nautical fashion, one job turns into two, or three. I had to reroute the drain hose before I could install the new range. There was also a 110 electric socket in the lower cabinet. Why, I don’t know. I had to reroute the wires that support other galley sockets after removing the one inside the lower cabinet area. 

Finally, the space was all cleaned up. After three trips to Ace Hardware for additional tubing and assorted supplies. It took two hours to carefully remove the teak cabinet without marring the wood around it. This old boat was put together to last a long time. 


New sink drain hose:



  And finally the finished product. I still need to make it seaworthy though, and trim it out. Saving that for another day.


  Oh, and I only bled a little:



The important thing is that Miss Kim is happy, therefore I am too. 

Working On My Next Book

This is a work of fiction. Real people and actual places are used fictitiously. Although some of the events described are loosely based on my true life experience, they are mostly products of my imagination.

  I leave it to the reader to sort out truth from fiction.

 Here is the working synopsis:

  Be introduced to a new anti-hero. Meade Breeze lives on the far outskirts of society with no visible means of support. He survives on his wits and a meager income derived from selling home-grown dope to suburban housewives and home-brewed rum to bums in the park.

  He’s also on the run from his past misdeeds. He fears it will all catch up with him someday, so he stays on the move aboard his classic trawler. Explore the Gulf Coast Islands and the Florida Keys with Breeze, but keep one eye over your shoulder.


  The plot is outlined and the story is mostly finished in my head. I’ve completed several chapters and I like where it’s going. 

Feels good to sit down and write. Look for the finished product in a few months. Look out Randy Wayne White. 

Facebook Resources for Liveaboard Boaters

  I live on a boat. I blog about life aboard sometimes. My Facebook page is about living on a boat, but there are some other really great places on Facebook to learn about the lifestyle and gather up all sorts of good information. If you already live aboard, want to live aboard, or simply have that dream; check out the following communities and pages that are all about the lifestyle.


Liveaboard Sailboat



This is a community you can join. It’s not all sailors. There are folks with motor vessels as well. It’s very active and chock full of useful information, pictures and stories for liveaboards. 





Another fine community for you to join; Welcome aboard, this room is for all that live aboard, or hope to one day. We are here for fun, facts and camaraderie.


Seven Seas Cruising Association



The Seven Seas Cruising Association is the oldest and largest worldwide organization supporting the liveaboard cruising lifestyle. Founded in 1952 by six liveaboard couples in California and now headquartered in Florida, today’s SSCA remains true to the traditions of its original members: sharing cruising information, fostering camaraderie, and leaving a clean wake. 


Active Captain



Active Captain is an online nautical resource providing marina, anchorage, hazard, and local knowledge data. The data is integrated into more than 20 navigation products and can be accessed on the ActiveCaptain website. There is no cost for using or contributing to ActiveCaptain.

If you don’t know about Active Captain and their Interactive Guide map, you should…


Wally Moran


Wally runs the popular blog “Live Bloggin the ICW”. Find him on Facebook and have his blog posts delivered to your news feed. All about the ICW and tons of boating news. 


The liveaboard community is a great one to belong to. Boaters are nice and quick to make friends. They are also quite willing to share their experience or expertise with fellow boaters. Someone is always there to lend a hand. Join these groups, and follow Wally and you’ll find more info than you can process. Jump right in and ask a question, or several. Discussions are almost always productive and questions get answered for you. 

While you’re hunting down these groups, feel free to stop and give a “Like” to Leap of Faith/Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat.



Also feel free to share this blog post with your boating friends! 

Longboat Key, Florida

  One of our favorite stops in our travels has been Longboat Key. A nice anchorage, good restaurants a few hundred feet away via dinghy, spectacular beach and a party atmosphere on weekends make this must stop along the Gulf Coast Intercoastal Waterway. Longboat Pass is a treacherous and dangerous one. Access is best made from the inside. 

  Heading north approach the bottom of Jewfish Key and turn to port. You can see Moore’s Stonecrab Restaurant as soon as you clear Jewfish Key. It looks as if you want to anchor between Jewfish and Longboat, and you can, but the current is wicked strong there. If you instead choose a spot alongside Moores, the current diminishes. During winter this spot can get crowded, but holding was good for us while we were there. Next to Moore’s is the Mar Vista Restaurant. Both offer good Florida fare and are boater friendly. 


  The water is gorgeous with plenty of dolphin and manatee willing to visit. Weekends get a little busy in this area as it’s a popular place to party. Just inside Longboat Pass is a large sandbar that locals congregate on.


  The north end of the island offers a really nice white sand beach. There is no access to this part of the beach for the public, except by boat. It’s a short dinghy ride. You can set up beach camp on the inside and watch the revelers play out on the sandbar, or you can go around to the Gulf side and enjoy the spectacular view. 

  Across the pass is Anna Maria Island. During our stay we took a dinghy ride across the pass, walked up to the public beach, and caught the free trolley to Publix for some supplies. Pretty good deal for cruisers with no cars. Bradenton Beach anchorage on Anna Maria offers a place to get rid of trash and take on water via jerry jugs. The general atmosphere there is kind of seedy though. Several of the anchored boats are derelict. Some of the resident liveaboards might be derelicts as well. Longboat is much higher end and safer appearing in our opinion.


Longboat Pass and Beer Can Island to the right. 


  Longboat Key is best visited out of the height of snowbird season. As I mentioned, the anchorage can get crowded during the winter, but if you can find a spot to drop anchor, it’s well worth it. It truly is a beautiful stop along the Intercoastal. Do NOT pass it by if you travel this way. 


 Sunset from the Beach, Longboat Key, Florida


(By the way, Happy Hour at Moore’s is from 4 to 6 daily