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Linville Falls


Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway lies Linville Falls. The hike to the falls is a moderate one, according to the park service. It turned out to be a bit difficult for us flatlanders. Jeez, we’re out of shape and have no mountain legs whatsoever.


The Upper Falls is the first viewing point along the trail.



From there it’s up, up, and up to see the falls from the highest vantage point.



We got quite the workout climbing to the top and checking out the different overlooks along the way. Coming back down was much easier. I wanted to go down to the base of the falls, but didn’t want to climb back out, so we skipped it.

The drive from our cabin was forty minutes and quite scenic. The hiking part was no walk on the beach, but well worth it.

When we got to Florida, I gained an interest in Florida history, the Everglades, etc. Now that we’re in North Carolina, I have a sudden interest in waterfalls! Look for more waterfall posts in the future, but not too soon. I need time to recuperate.

The Porch

Our first post at Creekside Musings was about the Creek. We sit on our porch and watch the little brook and listen to it babble by. We’ve made the porch into a pretty cool hangout spot.

I didn’t want Kim to miss the old lounge area we had on Leap of Faith.


We started stacking wood today. This is about 1/4 of the pile we had delivered.


The porch runs the length of the house, about 32 feet. It’s 8 feet deep with an additional two feet of overhang. We can sit out here in the rain without getting wet.


And of course, we view and listen to the creek all day long.


The Creek

The little stream running through and around the property was a big plus when we decided to move into a log cabin.

Welcome to the new blog! (Formerly Quityourjobandliveonaboat.com)

The following pictures were all taken within a few hundred yards of our door. We’ll explore the interior of the cabin in a future post. Today, we walk the creekside.








It’s a real pleasure to listen to the proverbial babbling brook. I could sit and watch it all day.