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The Exploits of Sam MacKenzie

Paul Carr has written two novels featuring his tough guy hero Sam Mackenzie. Trouble follows Sam as he bounces from the Keys to the Caribbean. If you like fast paced, bullet-flying adventure stories with a Florida Keys and Caribbean bent, you’ll appreciate these two. 

“In Long Way Down, Paul Carr resonates with other writers — Ian Fleming, Michael Shayne, Clive Cussler, John D. MacDonald — while producing a story uniquely his own: part hardboiled detection, part espionage, part underwater adventure, part pulp, which all add up to an entertaining story.” -The American Culture- 

Candi Moran is in trouble. Vince La Salle, a Miami loan shark, wants her dead because she knows too much about his secret in the Caribbean. Candi is shot by one of La Salle’s men and turns to Sam Mackenzie for help. Sam, who is good with a gun, takes on the job, but he soon learns that Candi left out some dangerous details as he unravels La Salle’s sordid past. La Salle is involved in a high-stakes project in the Caribbean, but where he’s getting his money is the big mystery. Sam dodges bullets, missiles, karate kicks, and sharks. He gets help from an associate, John Templeton Smith III (J.T.), but Sam worries that J.T.’s greed might get them both killed as they navigate a serpentine trail of assassins, con artists and deadly financiers.



In The Cayman Switch: Jack Craft is a con man. When he sells a Key West resort he doesn’t own to a trio of crooks, the deal turns sour and he calls Sam Mackenzie for help. By the time Sam arrives, Jack is gone, and even the bad guys are in the dark. Delray Jinks is pretty unhappy about being swindled on the resort. Sam knows him from their past days in clandestine government work, and knows what he’ll do if he doesn’t get his money back. A fortuneteller, prescription drug dealers, and the mob, are all after a piece of the action. Mona Miles, a beautiful TV reporter, wants the big story, but her relationship with Sam puts her in the line of fire. As Sam unravels a deadly trail that leads to Grand Cayman, and back, he learns that Jack’s resort scam is just the beginning of the con.


Quirky yet interesting characters, tons of non-stop action, and tropical settings. Recommended reads. 

Purchase both here: http://www.amazon.com/Paul-Carr/e/B00A3XHERQ/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1