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Facebook Resources for Liveaboard Boaters

  I live on a boat. I blog about life aboard sometimes. My Facebook page is about living on a boat, but there are some other really great places on Facebook to learn about the lifestyle and gather up all sorts of good information. If you already live aboard, want to live aboard, or simply have that dream; check out the following communities and pages that are all about the lifestyle.


Liveaboard Sailboat



This is a community you can join. It’s not all sailors. There are folks with motor vessels as well. It’s very active and chock full of useful information, pictures and stories for liveaboards. 





Another fine community for you to join; Welcome aboard, this room is for all that live aboard, or hope to one day. We are here for fun, facts and camaraderie.


Seven Seas Cruising Association



The Seven Seas Cruising Association is the oldest and largest worldwide organization supporting the liveaboard cruising lifestyle. Founded in 1952 by six liveaboard couples in California and now headquartered in Florida, today’s SSCA remains true to the traditions of its original members: sharing cruising information, fostering camaraderie, and leaving a clean wake. 


Active Captain



Active Captain is an online nautical resource providing marina, anchorage, hazard, and local knowledge data. The data is integrated into more than 20 navigation products and can be accessed on the ActiveCaptain website. There is no cost for using or contributing to ActiveCaptain.

If you don’t know about Active Captain and their Interactive Guide map, you should…


Wally Moran


Wally runs the popular blog “Live Bloggin the ICW”. Find him on Facebook and have his blog posts delivered to your news feed. All about the ICW and tons of boating news. 


The liveaboard community is a great one to belong to. Boaters are nice and quick to make friends. They are also quite willing to share their experience or expertise with fellow boaters. Someone is always there to lend a hand. Join these groups, and follow Wally and you’ll find more info than you can process. Jump right in and ask a question, or several. Discussions are almost always productive and questions get answered for you. 

While you’re hunting down these groups, feel free to stop and give a “Like” to Leap of Faith/Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat.



Also feel free to share this blog post with your boating friends! 

Planning Another Leap

   Forty months ago Kim and I left our old life behind. We sold everything we owned, bought a boat, and moved to paradise. It’s been a fantastic experience. We were chasing happiness and we found it aboard Leap of Faith, in SW Florida. Our boat, the Gulf Coast and the Keys, our life in the sun – all of it is more wonderful than we ever dreamed it could be. 


  Then I wrote a book. It was all down on big yellow legal pads, handwritten while on the beach or the back of the boat. I needed to type/format/etc. I needed to learn how to get a book published. I needed reliable internet. So after three glorious years at anchor, we returned to civilization and . . . Gasp . . . a marina. We’ve been tied to the slip for six months now. It’s my fault. I wrote and published two more books. I’ve networked and promoted and done radio interviews and became immersed in the world of publishing. It’s been exciting and rewarding. I’d do it all again, BUT – this life on/near land is killing us. 

  The people, the noise, and the drama are wearing away at our seafaring souls. Fortunately we have a plan. We still have dreams. We still have bucket list goals to achieve, places to go, things to see. Our first tropical destination that we want to check off our list is the Dry Tortugas. See those sailboats in the picture below? We are going to nudge right in amongst them with Leap of Faith.


 We’ll swing by Key West again and up the Keys. Then on to the Bahamas! I wish we could leave today. What’s stopping us?

Well it’s like this; we need to refill the cruising kitty. Book sales are going great, but the royalties are slow in coming. The big checks will just start to arrive in late April and May. All three books are going strong today so some level of future royalties is assured. We hope to have sufficient safe funding for another multi-year adventure by the Fall, or within the year at the very latest. In the meantime, the boat will undergo some upgrades in preparation. Crossing the open Gulf and east coast Gulf Stream are nothing to take lightly. Our first order of business is a new stove to replace our 34 year-old propane range. Then we’ll need new bottom paint before setting off. We’re going to need to replace our battery bank as well. It all costs money. 

  Just knowing that we have a plan, and that we won’t be stuck here permanently is heart-lifting. Soon we’ll start taking off for several days at a time just to escape. Pelican Bay awaits. The beach at Cayo Costa is calling our name. The Dry Tortugas and the Bahamas are out there in the distance, but we can see them. 

  Those books of mine are our ticket to paradise. If you haven’t read them all yet, please consider buying them today. 


The one that started it all is on sale for just 99 cents until sometime tomorrow.

It’s currently ranked #5 in Happiness and #10 in Social Sciences.




Book number two is still Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in Boating after two months.





Book number three is currently Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in Physical Impairments, and #19 in Pain Management.




Anyone who purchases any of these books is due a free drinking session aboard Leap of Faith. Where ever the wind blows and the sun comes up, that’s exactly where I’ll be.



Book Excerpt For My Fishing Friends

From chapter 21, Leap Of Faith / Quit Your Job And Live On A Boat

(discussing the freedom to do whatever I choose)


  Maybe I’ll stalk the world’s most sought after game fish, the mighty tarpon. I feel the quiver in my knees as the school approaches, black backs and silvery sides slicing the surface of the azure Gulf. I try to make the perfect cast, presenting my lure expertly, hoping they are willing to play today. My arms are jolted by the lightning strike as the silver king rises, exploding out of the tropical waters in a writhing mass of acrobatic fury. It is primitive raw power combined with grace and beauty. Time slows and I am spellbound as his twisting arc continues incredibly high. Small rainbows form in the shaken off sea water. At the peak of this majestic leap, one more wrenching flip and my lure is dislodged and and spit back in my direction. The King crashes down with an ear cracking splash. I glimpse one mirror-like eye as he departs. I imagine him saying, “Not today my friend, not today.” 

  My heart is beating so fast I can barely retrieve my line.  I bow to the King, tip my rod in salute, and say “May we meet again, some other day.” It’s a once in a lifetime experience for many, but I am free to attempt to recreate it anytime I wish. 




If you’ve never fought a tarpon you can’t fully understand what it’s like. There is no other fish that can combine the power, speed and acrobatic ability of the tarpon. I just happen to spend most of my time in the world’s best tarpon fishery. There is nothing like it.



To get your copy of the entire book, click here:


Gutsy Living

 Today I am honored to be showcased at Gutsy Living. Sonia Marsh is the author of Freeways 
To Flip Flops, and the My Gutsy Story Anthology. Her blog shares true stories of love, courage, and adventure from around the world. 


My Gutsy Story is titled “A Leap Of Faith”.  I hope for it to be included in the second Gutsy Story anthology. You can read it here:  http://networkedblogs.com/R1Ldt


Here’s the text: 


A Leap Of Faith

My wife and I found ourselves discontented.  We had good jobs, a strong marriage and an all around decent, middle class, American life.  Somehow it wasn’t enough.  We decided to make a change, a really big change.

We decided to quit our jobs and run away to paradise to live on a boat.  At first it was a crazy dream. Later, as we planned and took actual real steps to make it happen, it became a true possibility. Eventually we made our dreams come true.

How did we do it? What steps did we take?  First we tackled our debt. We continued working hard and made it our life’s goal to eliminate all of our debt.  It took several  years of dedication, but we finally managed to rid ourselves of every single debt we had. What a feeling!

Next we saved money. Without a car payment or credit card bills this was not so hard.  We simply kept on living at the same comfort level we previous enjoyed, but put all the now freed up cash into savings. We maxed out our 401k plan contributions. We put every spare cent in the bank.

Along the way we learned to stop buying things we didn’t need.  We simply quit buying anything new unless we could eat it, drink it, or wipe our butts with it. We started donating clothing to Goodwill.  As our load was lightened, we started to feel unburdened.  It was then that we made the decision to get rid of EVERYTHING.  That’s right, we sold or gave away everything we owned, except some clothing, laptop, and a few momentos we couldn’t part with.

One day we decided we had taken enough of the ‘work till you die world’ and we quit the rat race.  We loaded our meager remaining belongings into our pickup truck and headed south on I-95 for Florida. Did we have enough money saved to carry us for the rest of our lives? Nope. Did we have enough to hold us over until we reached Social Security age?  Probably not.  What did we have?  We had enough to buy a decent boat and enough to live on for several years.  We called it our Leap Of Faith.  We were going to live for today.  Tomorrow? Who knows?

Oh what a feeling of freedom we enjoyed driving south.  We had no job to report to.  We had no bills to pay.  Of course, we had no home either, but that didn’t matter to us.  We were only looking ahead.  We landed in Punta Gorda, Florida on January 3, 2010.  We rented a condo for a month while we boat shopped.  Soon we settled on a gorgeous classic trawler, laid our money down and moved aboard.  We named our new home Leap Of Faith.

After a getting acquainted period, we threw the lines, left the marina and set off to explore the west coast of Florida. We lived at anchor, mostly off uninhabited islands. We became one with nature. We made friends with the dolphins and manatees.  We staked claim to our own personal beach.  Every night we celebrated the sunset. Every night we slept the sleep of the contented.

Once we got our sea legs we began to travel. We cruised to the Keys, hopping from island to island until we landed in Key West.

We cruised north, falling in love with Longboat key and the Manatee River.  The place we called home was Pelican Bay, a pristine cove tucked between the islands of Cayo Costa and Punta Blanca.  We would spend months isolated from society, returning only to re-provision occasionally.  Our love for each other deepened dramatically.  We learned so much about each other.  We also learned to appreciate the silence sometimes.  We slowed down our pace and took in the beauty of nature.  We discovered our Eden in Pelican Bay.

Ed and his wife, Kim.

Our blood pressure lowered.  Our heart rates slowed.  Time itself slowed down for us.  We lost weight. We felt healthier.  We felt happier.  We were so damn happy, sometimes we would just sit and laugh at our good fortune.  We still feel that way today.

Money?  Yes we still had to spend some.  Food, fuel, boat maintenance and repairs all added up. Two major boat repairs took a big chunk of what was left of our savings.  We lasted three years before we started to get nervous about how little money we had left.  I constantly reassured my wife, “It will work out.”  Soon enough we returned to civilization.  I wrote a book that is selling moderately well at Amazon.  I also picked up a part-time job at the marina. My wife is waiting tables in town.  I’m well into writing a second book and we are starting to rebuild our bank account.

We have absolutely no regrets.  We’ve got egrets, but no regrets.  What will we do when the bank account gets big enough?  Take off again of course!

ED ROBINSON was a reporter and editor of a weekly newspaper, The Smyrna Times. He was also a contributing writer for The Mariner Magazine, a Maryland based publication covering all things boating and fishing. After twenty years working for a major utility, he quit his job and moved onto a boat. He and his wife Kim are somewhere on the west coast of Florida.

His book Leap Of Faith / Quit Your Job And Live On A Boat is currently a best seller at Amazon.com.

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Ed’s book is available on Amazon. Please join Ed’s Facebook page.