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  1. Tommy Connolly / Charleston, SC

    Just finished “Leap of Faith”. Wow. Can you recommend additional similar readings? Your writing encourages me to make the dream into reality. I am 56 and ready for the change. Also read “Boobs”….I agree, dingbat boat names grip me.

    1. Ed Robinson Post author

      If you go to the Amazon page for Leap of Faith, see “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” … lots of good stuff out there.
      Thanks for the message and good luck with your plans.

    2. bobdaknis

      TC you are 58 now … did you make any changes? I am 55 and just read his book “Leap of Faith” – GREAT read – making changes so that i am ready in 2 years to be out there myself! bob

    3. will willison

      Wayne Stinnett has a similar series starting with Fallen Out. Not quite up there with Ed’s books, but good reading in between Breeze’s adventures.

  2. dave taylor

    Ed finished poop,boobs and Bikinis;
    To the point,comic you’re on a roll now nice read.
    Need to rethink my 11 year old boat name…

  3. Matt Hebert

    Hi Ed. Loved “Quit your job…” Great read. It was like you were writing it for me. Just wonder though, you made metion about building the 401k in your book. I was wondering what your thoughts were about taking some out to pay off my debt. Then, begin the process of adding to it again. Just curious on your opinion. Thanks!

  4. Tony Dobson

    Hey Ed, read Quit your job,,,, Boobs, and not on the Breeze adventures. These are great books. Always been a sea creature and unfortunately landlocked for a bit in Charlotte, but your books take me back to FL. Keep them coming. BTW, was great to see Eric Stone mentioned in your book. Used to hang out with him in Destin. You’re an inspiration.


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