Captiva Breeze Now Available


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Florida’s government is building a bridge to North Captiva Island, which will ultimately result in a second bridge to Cayo Costa. Breeze takes action as only he can. He finds himself in an unlikely alliance with the governor as a result.

He’s given another assignment that appears to be out of his league. Can he pull it off, or will it be his downfall?


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Hiram Kane Adventure Series

Book One is on sale for 99 cents this weekend. There are five books in the series.

A betrayed criminal. A kidnapped child. A deadly race against time.
On the Island of the Gods, expedition leader Hiram Kane is on holiday after a long season guiding in the Peruvian Andes.

When a good friend’s greed leads him to betray Bali’s most notorious gangster, their peaceful community is left shell-shocked after the six-year-old daughter of its leader gets kidnapped in a vicious and violent raid.
What follows is a whirlwind race across the paradise island to rescue the girl before ‘The Rooster’ takes his sadistic revenge, and with the waking giant of volcanic Mt. Agung threatening to destroy them all, Kane risks everything to prevent a devastating tragedy.
The Tiger Temple is the exciting new starter to the Hiram Kane adventure series. For fans of Russell Blake and Clive Cussler, Steven Moore’s action thriller will leave you breathless.

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Coastal Breeze Now Available!


Book One in the Bluewater Breeze Series is ready for you to read today. No pre-order, no waiting.


Breeze is made an offer he can’t refuse. A three million dollar yacht is his for the taking, but there are strings attached. He’s sent to Panama to repossess the vessel from its current captain, who becomes an unlikely ally during a mission to Colombia.
He desperately wants to get home to Florida, but the return trip is fraught with problems and complicated by the uneasy relationship with his passenger. Any attempt to come to terms with the loss of his lover must wait for the completion of the journey.
A new life awaits if he can stay alive long enough to realize it.

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If You Haven’t Read My Books . . .


Can you believe it? Some of my friends and acquaintances have not read any of my books! I know, crazy right? Actually, I get it. It’s a busy world out there. Who has time for fiction these days? I’ve created a special offer just for these people. It’s the next best thing to free. This is your chance to sample my work for under a buck. Not just one book, but FIVE of them.  That’s right: FIVE BOOKS FOR 99 CENTS.

I’ll make diddly at this price, but it’s a way to entice you to give my stuff a try. Do it quickly though. This offer won’t last.

New River Breeze Now Available



There is a fugitive near the New River that baffles Breeze with his speed and endurance. Creekside Investigations becomes occupied with the marital surveillance business; tracking cheating spouses in the High Country. Breeze can’t accept his failure to capture the Running Man, so he puts his fledgling business aside to return to the wilderness in pursuit of his prey.
It all leads to an explosive ending that will rip your guts out and leave you wondering what happens next.

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Leaving the Mountains

Most of you know that Kim and I are not afraid of change. When we sold the boat we wanted to try something different and moving to the mountains was about as different as it gets. I have lots of good things to say about the North Carolina High Country. The scenery is stunning no matter where you look. The air is fresh and clean. The people are friendly and kind.

We really do love our little cabin in the woods, but the weather here does not suit us. It wasn’t the cold winter or the snow, it’s the constant gloom of rain, clouds, fog, and gray skies. It feels like the sun rarely shines, so this won’t be our forever home.


We are moving to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. We got a house. It’s not a classic trawler or a cool log cabin, it’s just a house, but we really like it.


The property is .85 acres so we have a little grass to cut.


With a nice little private space out back.


Kim gets a real kitchen too.

It’s in a quiet neighborhood close to Swansboro. Some of our neighbors will be Marines stationed at Camp Lejeune. We’ll be minutes from the waterfront and a short drive to the beach at Emerald Isle and other area attractions. We’ve made two trips to explore and we’ve liked what we’ve seen.

Screenshot (54)

We take possession on June 17th. Lots to do between now and then.

This will make Leap number 3, but we have a feeling this will be the place where we settle down. Cheers to new adventures!