Trawler Project / Galley Upgrade

  Our old marine propane range is 34 years old. It’s been on it’s last legs for years. It’s gotten more and more difficult to light and keep lit over time. I got tired of fixing it everytime Kim wanted to use the oven, which was tiny. Here is a “before” photo:


  A new marine replacement would cost between 1200 and 1300 dollars. I was limited in choice because it would need to be the exact same dimensions to fit into the cabinetry. I did some research, and found a 20 inch residential range that would fit if I removed the cabinet below the old range. It’s electronic ignition is battery powered, so no need for electricity. Price tag 450 bucks.

  First I removed the old range:


  Here’s where I ran into the first snag:


  The galley sink drain hose ran into the space where the new range needed to be. It typical nautical fashion, one job turns into two, or three. I had to reroute the drain hose before I could install the new range. There was also a 110 electric socket in the lower cabinet. Why, I don’t know. I had to reroute the wires that support other galley sockets after removing the one inside the lower cabinet area. 

Finally, the space was all cleaned up. After three trips to Ace Hardware for additional tubing and assorted supplies. It took two hours to carefully remove the teak cabinet without marring the wood around it. This old boat was put together to last a long time. 


New sink drain hose:



  And finally the finished product. I still need to make it seaworthy though, and trim it out. Saving that for another day.


  Oh, and I only bled a little:



The important thing is that Miss Kim is happy, therefore I am too. 

2 thoughts on “Trawler Project / Galley Upgrade

  1. Steve Antonsen

    Beautiful job. Jealous over here aboard my boat. The previous owners didn’t see fit to install an oven, just a range top. A microwave instead sits in the area where an oven would otherwise go. If i get rid of the current set up, I have no where to put the microwave without losing cabinetry. So I settle on a stove top, Omnia oven. Tough for a live aboard cook, but I’ll manage.


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