The Beauty of Don Pedro Island

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Just north of Gasparilla Island and Boca Grande, is a jewel of a beach. It’s only accessible by boat. The state provides small boat dockage for 12 vessels only, so it’s never crowded.

There is a covered pavilion with picnic tables, restrooms, and even grills. The Gulf is a very short walk from the docks.


The unspoiled stretch of beach is great for shelling, surf fishing, or just hanging out and soaking up the salt and the sun. IMG_0166


We love out of the way hidden gems. Our favorite is Cayo Costa, but as we’re currently waiting on a new transmission for Leap of Faith, we can’t get there. Don Pedro is a short dinghy ride from our marina.

You can anchor nearby, in Kettle Cove. Take your dinghy under a low bridge into Rambler Hole and you’ll see the docks to your right. As you pass under that bridge, look to your right to find a Leap of Faith sticker on the concrete. It survived hurricane Irma!



One of the great things about living on a boat is finding places like this. It’s nice to know that even in Florida, there are still some undeveloped places to enjoy.


3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Don Pedro Island

  1. Sixbears

    Now everyone will know about. 🙂
    When my lovely wife and I went there it was all locals wondering how we found it. Snaked our way in on our Oday 19 sailboat.

  2. s/v sionna

    Maybe not well enough! 😉 Just found your blog, wife Nicki & I are anchored near York Island right now, about to start working our way north when it warms up a little. Don Pedro is now on our “must see” list – but we won’t say you told us. Thanks for the tip!


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