Poop, Booze, and Bikinis

  I’m currently working on book number two. It’s a slow go as I’m kinda lazy. Living in Paradise doesn’t create the kind of motivation one needs to stick to a rigorous writing schedule. The new book will be (hopefully) a very humorous look at life aboard a boat. It’s a collection of my random musings on topics that are at the forefront of our existence. There are things that are very important to boaters that landlubbers never even think about. 

  It is not a serious literary masterpiece. It’s meant to be fun, and to poke fun at myself and others like me. I’ll attempt to keep you up to date with my progress in the future. This is my attempt to motivate myself to get busy and get the dang thing finished. 

  Here’s a peek at the table of contents so far:



1. Poop

2. Booze

3. Marinas versus Anchorages

4. Bikinis

5. Marine Critters

6. Boats

7. Rum

8. Weather

9. Nekkid People

10. Deflatables

11. Tits, Pits, and Ass

12. Things I Love (about life aboard)

13. Things I Hate

14. S.P.O.R.E (Stupid People on Rental Equipment)

15. True Nautical Terms


  That’s it so far. Suggestions for additional topics are welcomed. Yesterday I came up with the brilliant idea to ask a few semi-famous authors of nautical humor to contribute a chapter. I’ve been attempting to contact them today to ask them to submit something fun. They can only say no, right? We’ll see how that goes. 

  Keep an eye out in 2014 for the release date of Poop, Booze, and Bikinis. I have visions of it reaching number one at Amazon for boating! (okay, maybe not “visions”, more like fantasies.) Again, it’s a work in progress, so feel free to make suggestions. All input is appreciated.



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