Our Last Tie To Land

  Since we took our Leap of Faith and Quit our Jobs to Live on a Boat, we’ve held onto one last tenous tie to land. We kept our truck. Where ever we roamed, however long we were gone, we always knew we could return to Punta Gorda, hop in the truck and run to Walmart for essentials. We could drive out Kings Highway to visit the Navagator and listen to our favorite singers. That is about to change. 

  Of course we had to keep it somewhere while we cruised. We played musical truck for a while. It was parked at Fisherman’s Village for a few months. Then we moved it into their overflow lot. We kept it at a friends house for a time. We relocated it to the parking lot at Laishley Crab House, where it is now. 

  We also had to pay for insurance, feed it with gas, change the oil, buy new tires, buy new brakes, etc. It has been the one wildcar in our budget, and the one inconsistency with the lifestyle we’ve chosen. It is time for it to go. Our plans involve leaving Punta Gorda for a very long time, maybe forever. We want to sit out at Cayo Costa and decompress from our time in society. We want to make it to the Dry Tortugas. We really hope to cross to the Bahamas and explore the Caribbean. That depends on our money situation. Losing the insurance payments and upkeep costs will help, as will the cash we get for it. 

  Yup the time is right for us to lose that final thing that keeps us tied to one homebase. The world is out there waiting for us. 


  It’s been a fantastic vehicle since the day I bought it. Never a breakdown, never a major repair. It’s been very lightly used for a long time now, sitting in various parking lots waiting for our return. I vowed I would never buy another truck it’s been so good to me. I suppose I’ll be a bit sad to see her go, but she’ll make a fine vehicle for whoever buys her. I won’t need it in the Bahamas and I’ll be happy to have one less thing, one less expense . . . and one less tie to land. 

  So who’s looking for a truck?! $8500 and she’s yours. Located in Punta Gorda, Florida. Contact us at       Kimandedrobinson@gmail.com



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