The Creek

The little stream running through and around the property was a big plus when we decided to move into a log cabin.

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The following pictures were all taken within a few hundred yards of our door. We’ll explore the interior of the cabin in a future post. Today, we walk the creekside.








It’s a real pleasure to listen to the proverbial babbling brook. I could sit and watch it all day.

2 thoughts on “The Creek

  1. Bonnie Lee Reed, Holistic Health Coach

    I’m so happy you and Kim are enjoying your new lifestyle! My husband and I are living on our boat on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It has been too hard this past year because we are stuck here in the winter and it is miserable. We are selling our boat too and in the process of buying a home in North Carolina but more towards the coast.
    I do want you to know that for me your first books helped convince me to give boat living a try again. But age has not been my friend this time.
    My husband and I have read all of your books and are looking forward to wherever your writing goes from here.
    Wishing you both much happiness in your new life!


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